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There’s a little witch in all of us, and here at the Green Witch Boutique we like to give you the tools and materials to fly said inner witch to fruition. We use simple and pure ingredients to make herbal remedies that have been around for ages. Heal your body, steady your mind, and lighten the soul with our easy to use products, blessed be!


Sea Dew Salt Scrub

Preserve youthfulness with this salt scrub.

Rosemary a.k.a Sea Dew has many medicinal properties. High in anti-inflammatory compounds it’s said to improve blood circulation. Sea salt helps remove the dead layer of skin revealing the younger cells beneath leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth. Natural oils moisturize and feed your skin. Enjoy the invigorating scent of rosemary, known to promote memory.



Elf Leaf Sugar Scrub

Sooth and smooth your skin with this lavender sugar scrub.

Full of natural anti-inflammatory components, lavender helps sooth swelling and redness. Sugar helps remove the dead layer of skin revealing the younger cells beneath leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth while natural oils moisturize and feed your skin.

Sweet Wood Sugar Scrub

Reduce signs of aging with this cinnamon sugar scrub.

In the old days, cinnamon was known for attracting wealth and bringing in good spiritual vibrations. Applied to the skin cinnamon improves blood circulation and increases collagen levels leaving skin looking young and vibrant.


Healing Incense

Sea Dew and Gin Berry

In days of old juniper was used throughout Europe as a protective herb and was known to guard against sickness. While rosemary was often carried to remain healthy, it was also used in an infusion to wash ones hands before healing work. The two herbs burned together were burned in sickrooms to promote healing.


Wealth Incense

Sweet Wood And Galangal

Burn this incense while envisioning yourself wealthier.
In days of old cinnamon was burned to draw money. Burned alongside galangal while envisioning wealth will help attract what you desire.

Protection and Purification

Frankincense and Myrrh

Burn this incense to protect and purify.
One of the first and oldest incense, frankincense is burned for protection, purification, and consecration. Alongside the magnifying effect of myrrh, this mixture helps to protect, purify, and consecrate its user, objects, and their surroundings.

Herbal Baths

Relaxation Herbal Bath

Maythen and Elf Leaf Relaxation Herbal Bath

Melt away stress and encourage relaxation and mental calm with this Chamomile and lavender herbal bath.
Chamomile and lavender both known for their calming scents and aid in sleep, ease the mind all the while help lower heart rate and blood pressure. Full of natural anti-inflammatory components this herbal duo helps sooth eczema, swelling, and redness of the skin.


Herbal Love Attraction Bath

Rose & Elf Leaf Herbal Love Attraction Bath

Rose and lavender have long been used in love spells and their fragrance is said to attract love. Rose an integral part of innumerable stories, legends, myths and legacies can invoke romantic feelings in even the hardest of hearts. Full of natural anti-inflammatory components this herbal duo helps sooth swelling, and redness all the while helping to moisturize and tone the skin.


Raving Reviews

I used the lavender scrub and my skin has never felt so soft and smooth!

Sarah Guethle

This is wonderful as well. Gorgeous presentation and smelled wonderful! I was able to draw a few baths with it which was so nice for only being a few dollars! Fast shipping as well.

Ainslie Willson


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